Trotec AirLock 100 Review, a window kit for portable air conditioners

Trotec 100, Review Score
  • 85%
    Ease of use - 85%
  • 85%
    Build Quality - 85%
  • 75%
    Installation difficulty - 75%


The AirLock 100 is a must for every portable air conditioner that comes without a window kit.
The kit is made of a sturdy but light canvas and has little risk of tearing.
The installation isn’t very complicated, although it took us a few minutes to figure out how to install it correctly.
After the installation, it’s very easy to use. Simply place the exhaust hose between the two zippers!
One of the downsides is that the product is a bit bulky, which might make the window a bit difficult to close.

Which AirLock should I get?
One Exhaust hose, Window kit: Airlock 100
Two Exhaust hoses, Window kit: Airlock 200
One Exhaust hose, Door kit: Airlock 1000

A portable air conditioner will only work properly if it can exhaust the hot air outside the room where the AC is placed. This is why all portable ACs will come with an exhaust hose, which you can install in an open window. The big downside is that the hot summer air from outside will come back indoors, resulting in a lowered efficiency of the AC.
Trotec has created the AirLock 100 window kit to solve this problem!

The AirLock 100 is a window kit for air conditioners with 1 exhaust hose. It allows you to “lock” the exhaust hose in place trough the window frame, while blockeing the hot summer air from coming back inside.
It’s big brother, the AirLock 200 is designed for two exhaust hosts, while the big AirLock 1000 is created for doors.

Components & Build quality

The AirLock is one big canvas, made of the same fabric as a cheap tent. The canvas is split slightly off the middle with two zippers (to create a gap for the hose). One side of the canvas needs to be mounted to the window frame, and the other side to the inside of the window. This creates a tent-like air gap between the window and the frame.

The built quality of the canvas is pretty sturdy, better then we expected for the low price. When installing, there was never a fear of tearing or ripping. The Velcro straps used to stick the canvas to the window and frame are made of good quality as well.


It took me a while to fully understand the installation instructions, and the available YouTube videos (mostly in German) weren’t very helpful either. Finally, I got the hang of it and the first step was to stick the Velcro straps to the window frame. Trotec definitely didn’t cut costs on the glue because I immediately got the straps stuck to the window sill!
After some struggeling I finally got all the straps in place!

Up next were the Velcro straps once more, but now for the inside of the window. After applying all the straps, I got to mount the canvas to the Velcro. This wasn’t very complicated and only took me a couple of minutes to do properly.

With the installed window seal, the only thing left was to place the exhaust hose between the two zippers! Easy peasy!

Now that we’re using the Airlock we’re satisfied with the product, it does it’s job by blocking the hot air from outside very well. One downside that we noticed is that it’s a bit bulky, so you might have difficulties closing the window. To solve this you can simply remove the canvas from the Velcro during cooler days, but it is a bit of work to reinstall it again.

Other then that, it’s a must for every portable air conditioner that comes with no window kit or seal!

  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to use
  • Somewhat bulky, hard to close window

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